Free Online Dating Tips To Avoid Scams

By | July 19, 2014

Online dating is quickly becoming very popular in recent years. Maybe you know someone who has been in a nice relationship to the online dating has left over or maybe even more than one person. There are many success stories about online dating. There are many singles also who is also looking for true love like you. However, it is not all that rosy. Scams are more common than you think. Although there are many online dating sites to go to keep it as safe as possible, but the risk is always present. Most people want the best for yourself, but there are also people who just member to trick people. The purpose of these people is money. They try to make money from you on many devious ways. Do not be fooled. Before you start dating it is wise to read the following.


Free Online dating tips to avoid scams- online dating tips

View profile

View the profile of the person well. If you look at the profile and see that there are certain things don’t add up to what the person says then this is a clear hint. Disconnect the contact directly if you find that the person is not fair or lying. You can find out if the person is real or not by asking questions in the chat. Compare the answers the person gives with the profile description.


Free Online dating tips to avoid scams- online dating


Sad stories

Most common ways people get scammed while dating online is through the use of sad stories. Through these sad stories they try to make you feel sorry. They try to gain your sympathy They want you to help them by donating money. Do not fall for them. Dont reply after that or talk to them and just say F**K OFF and go look for someone else. :P


Basic information

Always ask about the person itself if you are chatting with a person. You want to know what work the person does, what age and where the person lives. With these answers you will have instant important basic information. Try to find the person on the internet. A real person is usually found quickly via search engines or as Facebook.


Long distance

It is important to be cautious if you talk to someone who lives at a distance. These individuals may later ask you for money so that you can meet. . If the money is then transferred then you hear nothing more or bad excuses. They may even ask for more money. Be careful of people who lives so far from you.


Free Online dating tips to avoid scams online dating